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Casumo Casino Review

Casumo Casino is an Irish based betting site, where players can play slots, or place bets on sporting events. This Irish casino has three main areas of interest to the player. Under the Casino tab, the player will find slot games. Similarly, the second tab has more traditional casino table games, played live, for the online bettor to enjoy. The final tab, however, takes a different tack, as this is dedicated to sports betting.

Safety and Security

Online gambling carries some risks, however bettors can rest assured that Casumo Casino is a secure site. This casino in Ireland is registered with the British Gambling Commission. It’s likewise incorporated under the laws of Malta. Casumo Casino has guaranteed the highest effort to protect any personal data shared with the site. They also support safe payment methods, such as PayPal, PaySafe, and Skrill. Players can rest assured that Casumo Casino takes player security and enjoyment seriously.

Lots of Slots

The homepage of Casumo Casino shows a bonus casino sign-up offer. They’re offering a 100% casino bonus up to €300, and additionally, a bonus of 50 spins. This is an amazingly tempting offer to new players, especially those particularly interested in slots. Casumo Casino certainly has a lot of slots, with over 2,000 unique slot games available to play. The themes vary greatly, from games centred around Egyptian aesthetics, to the board game Cluedo. The variety of slots is sure to appeal to a wide audience, and there is a search function, so players can quickly and easily jump right into the action. The player can search all casino games, and explore live casino games too.

Live Casino

Increasingly, online casinos are including a feature where players can watch live dealers deal real cards. Live Casino imitates the experience of being in a land-casino, allowing for better immersion. Players who dislike AI generated cards will enjoy this style of play. Casumo Casino offers a multitude of casino table games, played in real-time. Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack are just a few of the games on offer. Players can enjoy the real casino experience, anywhere, any time, from the comfort of their own homes.

Sports Betting in a Casino

For a clever addition, Casumo Casino has opted to include sports betting on their site. Players who enjoy slots and table games may also enjoy sports betting. By catering to all of these interests, Casumo Casino has the appeal of simplicity. It’s easy to switch from a slot game, to placing a bet on an upcoming match. Currently, the sign-up offer for sports betting in a bonus €20 when €10 is bet. The sports betting section caters to a wide variety of sports, like football, horse racing, and rugby. They even have live odds, so players will never miss out. Additionally, they have an option to bet on live sports, as they happen.

Responsible Gambling

As with many things in life, it is possible to take gambling too far. Casumo Casino acknowledges this issue by providing information to help those struggling. The Play Okay section offers sound advice on what to do if gambling gets out of hand. There is a section that provides information on resources, and helplines that players can use to help when gambling goes overboard. They have also provided some useful strategies to limit spending, and keep the fun under control. It is important for gambling services to be aware of the difficulties some of their clientele may face.

Play with Casino Ok

Casumo Casino has provided a service which allows players to set limits on their gambling. There are multiple limits that a player may set, either on their own, or together.

Logged in Time Limit

This is exactly what it sounds like. This feature limits the time that your account can be logged in for. Once the player reaches the limit for the day, whether in one long session, or many, the player gets logged out. They cannot alter their time limit for 24 hours from that point.

Login Time Block

This allows players to block off certain periods of the day when logging in is impossible. This feature will prevent distraction from daily tasks.

Deposit Limit

The amount that a player can deposit in a set period of time is limited. Upon reaching this limit, the player gets prevented from depositing until the set period is resets.

Spending Budget

This limits the amount a player can spend during a set period.

Loss Limit

Similar to the other limits, this blocks players from placing more bets once a certain loss threshold gets reached. This resets upon the end of the set time period.

Wager Limit

This feature functions in the same way as the others, but is concerned with wagers. Once the set number of wagers gets reached, players will be blocked from placing more until the limit resets.


Casumo Casino is a safe and reliable site. With a wide variety of games to play, it even supports players when things go too far. This Irish site is definitely worth looking at.

100% up to €300 bonus on your first deposit
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100% up to €300 bonus on your first deposit
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